Carpet is known for its comfort, softness, and luxuriousness. Its absorptive qualities make it ideal for quieting and insulating any room. Installing carpet is also a stylish way to complement a room’s style and can enhance any color scheme. At Carpet Palace I, Inc. we offer carpeting in a variety of different styles and colors to match your decor. Check out the brands and carpet fiber types that we stock below.

Carpet Types

Living room with a dog on the couch and a bright striped statement rug


The most common carpet fiber today, nylon is known for its strength and durability. It is most practical to clean and is highly stain resistant.

Sophisticated living room with a grey area rug


The newest fiber available, it is corn-based and considered very “green”. Triexta blends the benefits of both nylon and polyester with its excellent durability and stain resistance. It is the hardest carpet to stain. Also known as smart strand.

Living room with neutral colors and matching cream carpet


This fiber has a softer feel to it and comes in a richer variety of colors. It is very straightforward to clean.

Cozy playroom with fluffy white carpet


The most luxurious type of carpet, wool carpets are made from sheep hair. This type of carpet requires a lot of care, so cleaning is best left to a professional.

Patio seating area with a black and white statement rug and matching pillows.


Olefin is not as durable as nylon, but is water-resistant and ideal for outdoor use. This type of carpet is best for areas with low foot traffic.

Display of statement carpets. The sample in the front is blue with white grid squares.

View Our Selection in Store or Shop at Home

We carry all kinds of different carpets, including all of the major materials listed above. You can look through most of our different carpet brands and designs at our showroom locations or with our shop at home service. One of our flooring experts will come out to your home with a selection of flooring options for you to peruse.

Find the Perfect Carpeting to Accent Your Designs

You’ve probably put a good amount of thought and time into thinking about how you want your home or business to look, and your flooring should accent the rest of your room. Whether you’re looking to complete a traditional, modern, or any other kind of room, our showroom has the perfect carpet for you.

Dynamic fashion rugs display. The rugs on the display have floral designs
Brown and white patterned carpet in a large rustic living room

Carpeting is Perfect for Almost Any Room

Ok, we’ll admit we don’t install too many carpets in bathrooms or kitchens; besides those two rooms, carpets are perfect for practically any other room in your house or business: living rooms, bedrooms, parlors, dens, lobbies, offices. If you’re thinking about changing your flooring, carpeting is a great way to go.

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Over the years, we’ve installed hundreds of thousands of square feet of carpet, and always work to meet the exact needs of our clients. Get in contact with us to learn about all of the flooring and carpeting services we offer, and to make an appointment for a free estimate. We love the work we do, because we know how important your home/business is to you, and take a good deal of pride in the good that our services provide.