Laminate flooring is a synthetic type of flooring made from pieces of resin and fiber board fused together. It has a photographic layer on top which gives it the appearance of another type of flooring. The benefits are that it is easier to install and maintain, and is generally much less expensive. Take a look at the brands and types laminate we offer below.

Laminate Types

wood laminate samples

Traditional Wood

Traditional wood laminates imitate the look of actual hardwood but offer increased durability. They also are more scratch-resistant than regular wood floors.

Stone Laminate

Stones and Natural

These laminates can mimic the appearance of a variety of stone floors. They are much easier to install and to clean than their counterparts.

Realistic Laminate wood samples

Hand-Scraped Wood

Hand-scraped laminates look more realistic than traditional hardwood laminates. Get the durability of a laminate with the rich look of real wood.

Specialty Laminate samples

Specialty Wood

Specialty wood laminates mimic rarer types of wood like reclaimed woods, beach wood, and others.

Wood flooring options display

Check Out Different Laminate Options in Your Home

We carry a wide variety of laminate flooring brands, such as Columbia, Alloc, Shaw, Mohawk, and Quick-Step. As flooring experts, we only stock the best and most reliable brands. You can check out all of the flooring brands we carry in our showroom, or schedule an appointment with us. We can also come to you with a sample set of our flooring options.

Laminate Flooring Can Be Styled After Any Other Kind of Flooring

The main appeal of laminate flooring is that it’s cheaper than most other flooring options, yet looks just as good. Laminate floors have a photographic top layer, which means it comes in practically any design. With laminate, you can get the hardwood or tile look, without breaking your bank.

Pergo Extreme wood floor and tile floor displays
Room and staircase with grey wood floors

Laminate Has Been Rising in Popularity Over the Years

Laminate flooring has been popular ever since it was invented, and its popularity has only grown. Laminate technology advanced over time, meaning that laminate flooring both looks better and is cheaper than the original laminates that were introduced all those years ago. We don’t know if you’re planning on selling your home soon, but if you are, laminate flooring could boost your home’s market value.

Perfect for Every Room

Looking to change your flooring in your living room? Kitchen? Bedroom? No matter what room you’re looking to change the flooring in, laminate is a great option. You can change the look of it to match the designs of each specific room, and laminate floors are durable and easy to maintain, making laminate a great option for practically any room.
Kitchen and living room with a patterned statement rug

Work with a Professional Flooring Company in Maryland

At Carpet Palace I, we’ve been providing Marylanders with our flooring services for many years, and have installed laminate, hardwood, carpeting, and all kinds of flooring. We’ve worked with both businesses and homeowners. No matter what your flooring needs are, we can help you. Give us a call today for a free estimate!